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Confetti Plumeria

3″ to 4″ flowers that are pinkish-orange with a bright yellow center. Newly opened flowers start with more of an orange petal and as they age the orange turns to pinkish-white.

Lani's Beauty

3″ to 3.5″ flowers with red and pink and white petals with yellow center.

P-53 Plumeria

2.5″ inch flowers with reddish-pink rim that fades into white with a yellow-orange center. The intense dark orange center leaves striations of orange veins extending from the center of the flower towards the petal tips.


2.5″ flowers that have a bright pink rim that fades to white with a dark orange center. Has a intense rose fragrance and is a slow grower with thick stems/branches.

Plumeria Seeds

Intense Rainbow Seeds, Muang Daeng Seeds, and Singapore Obtusa Seeds


Curcuma Hybrid Pathumrat Red, Curcuma Hybrid Tabtim Sayam, Globba winitii White Dragon, and Hedychium coccineum x H. Angustifolium

The Most Beautiful Plumeria Available